Happy Customers

This page is for photo's and/or testimonials from some of our "happy customers".
If you have pictures or a small write-up you'd like to submit, please email TheCritterCove@hotmail.com

Pictured above:
(1) Marco, one of my own. (2) Bell, owned by Rebecca, enjoying a chicken bone.
(3 & 4) Wendy, my first customer, and her rats Cookie & Sawyer 
(5) Shelaghs' girl, Truffle testing out a design for me. (6) Pip, a ferret owned by Chelsea, taking a rest with her teddy.
(7) Kayla's girl, Pashmina, on her bunk bed (8) Nana, also owned by Chelsea, snuggled up in her tube.
(9) Some more of Kayla's rats enjoying their new bunkbed - Penelope & Bijoux
(10 & 11) Baxter & Quinn, Kimber's rats (12) Marco showing off a new design.

examples of past orders

Here are just a few examples of some past orders I've made.